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In 2005, at the age of 30 years, Thunderbask had to be put down due to
cancer.  He was a brave, prolific horse, and his last offspring was
produced after his death.  Also in 2005, SW El Padrato was determined to
be unable to continue breeding.  He is still with us, out in the pasture with
his favorite mare, Bunny, also retired.  We wish him a long and happy
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Ag Arabians was founded in 1990, when we
acquired a Polish Arabian Stallion named
Thunderbask.  “Thunder” was a Bask grandson,
a chestnut the color of a shiny copper penny.  
His legacy was to produce progeny bigger than
himself, emphasizing the good points of the
mares that were bred to him.  All of his get are
very athletic, with lots of energy, and beautiful
straight legs.  They also have the traditional
Polish “apple butts” and understated dishes.  
Through a series of unfortunate circumstances,
mostly before we acquired Thunder, he was
never really campaigned and is relatively
unknown.  We are a very small breeding stable,
only covering a select handful of mares in any
given year.  The bloodlines, however, tell the
story for us.  Our Polish Arabians are some of
the finest you will find anywhere.  Thunder’s
sons and daughters competed successfully in a
number of Class A Arabian shows in the 90’s,
receiving first and second place awards.  
Later in the 90’s, a second Polish Arabian Stallion was acquired to be
bred back to Thunder’s daughters, and the original mares we started
with.  He is
SW EL Padrato, and he was imported to the United States
along with his father, El Paso.  “Pedro” is a large bay with lots of bone,
and was a Champion Arabian Harness/Driving Horse in New York State
in his prime.  The combination of these two stallions has produced
larger, even more athletic offspring; again with beautiful straight legs,
and a winning attitude.  These horses are all honest, well-behaved
horses; easy to train, and easy to become attached to!  
Two years ago, Jim Huggins of HS Arabians
purchased a new Friesian Sport Horse Stallion.   
Valhalla Rising is 7/8 Friesian, with just a dash of
Saddlebred thrown in.  At 5 years old, he was just
over 16 hands; a gorgeous black, with exceptional
confirmation.  We have several Friesian/Arabian
sports horses for sale.
Sadly, Valhalla died in
August 2007 from Torsion Colic.
In anticipation of these events, a new Arabian stallion
was purchased in 2004.  His name is
Raven and he is a black straight Egyptian Arabian
Stallion.  He was bred by a syndicate in Texas, and
spent his first couple of years out on the range in
Canada.  Acquired at the age of three, he is over 15
hands, and still growing.  His first crop of babies are
now yearlings, and you should see them!  
Gorgeous, athletic, tall, with small muzzles and little
ears, and those beautiful straight legs!
Thunderbask Indiana (Indy)  has the color and
attitude of  his grandfather Thunderbask; with a
refined head, nicer dish, and can he move!  
Chicago’s April Storm (April) is a gorgeous
leggy bay filly, with a small white star on her    
forehead.  This year’s crop of babies has just
begun to arrive, and they are beautiful!
A limited number of outside breedings to Ruminaja Raven are still
available for 2008; please see our Stallions page for details.  Two
Friesian/Arabian weanlings and a Friesian/Arabian yearling are
available for sale at this time; as well as several of Raven's get.  
Val’s first Sport Horse foal was born in July
2006, out of
Rabask Hug,  a beautiful
purebred Arabian mare, who traces back to
Bask on one side and Raffles on the other.  
See 2006 pictures of
Valhalla's Rising Star.